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Kollaborate Help

Creating Projects

To create a project, click New Project on the Projects page.

Note: You must be a trial or subscription user or have your account linked to a subcriber's account in order to create projects.

Enter a title for the project. The other text fields are optional but allow you to add additional searchable information to the Projects page.

  • Team Privacy - Allows you to hide who else is part of the team from non-admins. You can choose to hide all users on the project or just all users outside of a user's department.
  • Hide contact information - Hides emails and phone numbers from non-admins
  • Alerts - This allows you to mute the project to prevent you receiving emails from it
  • Import users from project - Only visible if you already have at least one project. Save time by automatically importing your Team and departments from an earlier project

Click Create to create the project.



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