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Kollaborate Help


You can share files and folders with people outside of the project's team.

Note: You must have sharing permissions in order to do this.

  1. Click the chain icon next to a file or folder on the Files page or click the Share button underneath the player to share a file.
  2. On the page that appears, enter a descriptive name for the link. The recipient will not be shown this name. The easiest thing to do is name it with the name of the person you are sending it to.
  3. Choose whether to require a password or allow the user to access the file just by clicking the link.
  4. Allow comments - Allowing comments lets the recipient see existing comments as well as make new ones.
  5. Hide download button - Kollaborate uses HTML5 technologies so we cannot prevent determined users from downloading files, however hiding the download button can be enough to thwart less tech-savvy users.
  6. Make versions accessible - Controls whether the recipient can access just the current file or all historic and future versions.
  7. View limit - Sets the maximum number of views before the link will expire. Set to 0 to impose no limit.
  8. Expires - Set a date on which the link will expire.

Click Create to create the link.

You will then be presented with the URL of the link, which you can copy into an email to send manually to the recipient or use the email form at the bottom of the page to have Kollaborate email the link to them directly.

One advantage to having Kollaborate email the link is that it personalizes the URL for each recipient so they don't have to enter their name before making a comment and it can provide viewing statistics tied to their email address.


  1. If you want to share more than one file with a single link, the best way to do this is to link to a folder.
  2. To swap out a file while keeping the link URL the same, right-click and select Relink File.