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Tasks allow you to keep track of jobs assigned to you and jobs you have assigned to others.

Creating a Task

To create a new task, click the New Task button on the Tasks page.

You will then be asked for additional information about the task, all of which is optional except for the task title and the due date.

If you assign a specific user to the task, that user will be notified by email. If you leave the task unassigned, other teammembers will be notified of a new unassigned task and can choose to assign the task to themselves. You can also assign your own tasks to yourself.

The "Completion of this task requires the task owner's approval" option means that the task assignee cannot mark the task as complete. Only you as the owner can do this once you are satisfied the task is finished.

Creating a Task from a comment

Comments on a file can automatically be turned into tasks. To do this, click the dropdown at the right of a comment (or right-click it) and choose Create Task. The task will be shown underneath the comment with a colored icon to indicate its status - red for Pending, yellow for In Progress and green for Completed.

The task will be unassigned and other users will be prompted to assign themselves to it. The file the comment was made on will automatically be set as one of the Related Files.

Managing Tasks

Click on a task on the Tasks page to view more details. From this page you can assign unassigned tasks to yourself and comment on the task.

The Related Files section allows you as the task owner to upload files that may be useful to the assignee in order to complete the task. For example, if it is a VFX shot, you could upload concepts and mockups.

The Deliverables section allows the task assignee to upload files for your approval.

The task assignee can change the status of the task based on his or her perception of its completeness. So if they think the task is finished, they can change the status to Needs Approval. The task owner can then assess the deliverables and decide to change the status back to In Progress if they reject it or Completed if they accept it.