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While you can share files with people outside your project, their ability to interact with the project is limited unless they are a member of your team.

Team members can be added by email address from the Team page, granting them access to the project.

Adding team members

If you are an admin, a text field will appear at the bottom of each department. Type the person's email address into that field, then choose a Role.

Roles provide a set of default permissions such as uploading files or approving them. Users with the Admin Role can access all files in the project, add new users, manage files they don't own and edit or delete comments made by someone else.

You can then press Enter to add the user to the project. The text field will be selected once more, allowing you to quickly add more email addresses to the Team.

Activating new users

If the user does not already have an account on Kollaborate they will need to first activate their new account. Kollaborate can send them an activation link automatically but if you prefer to send it manually you can deselect "Send activation link automatically" when adding the user's email address.

If you chose not to email them automatically or you're revisiting the project and the user still hasn't activated their account, a box will appear under their name with a link to generate a new activation URL. Click that link and a window will popup with the new activation URL which you can send to them.

Upon clicking the activation link, the user will be asked to choose a password for their account. Once that is complete, their account is activated and they will not need to activate again when they are added to future projects.

Note: "Send activation link" has no effect if the user's account has already been activated.


Departments allow you to separate content from different parts of your team. Anyone who is not an admin can only view files in departments that they have been specifically invited to. You can therefore create separate departments for colleagues and clients so that clients will only see finished files and not works in progress.

To add a department, click Add Department at the top of the Team page. You can select from a preset list or create a brand new one.

You can then use the text box at the bottom of the new department to add users to it. Users can exist in more than one department.

Custom permissions

To override the default permissions of a user's Role, right-click their name and click Permissions. You can then directly specify what they can and cannot do within the project.

Removing a user from the project

To remove a user from a department, right-click their name and click Delete. You must delete every instance of that user in every department they exist in to fully remove them from the project.