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File Permissions

You can override permissions for a file by right-clicking it and choosing Edit Metadata. You can select multiple files to change all of their permissions at once.

Setting custom permissions

  1. On the Edit Metadata page click Add under the Custom Permissions section.
  2. Choose a person or department and select either Allow or Deny.
  3. Repeat for as many departments or users that you wish to grant/revoke access.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Custom permission examples

  • Everyone = Deny - Only admins can view the file
  • Everyone = Deny, Joe Bloggs = Allow - Only admins and the non-admin Joe Bloggs can view the file
  • Everyone = Allow, Joe Bloggs = Deny - Everyone can view the file except for Joe Bloggs
  • Department X = Deny - The file keeps its default permissions but now any non-admins in Department X can no longer view it


  1. Granting access to a specific user will have no effect if the user cannot access the department the file is located in.
  2. Granting access to a specific user will have no effect if their user permissions prevent them from viewing files.