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Playing Videos

Clicking a video on the Files page opens it up in the player for playback. The video will automatically start playing but autoplay can be switched off by going to Actions > Playback Settings.

Note: On phones or tablets you may have to manually click play to start playback.

Playback controls

Clicking on the video or clicking the play button starts playback. Clicking again pauses it. You can also use the Space bar to toggle playback.

Use the J, K and L keys to fast forward and rewind within the movie. You can use the arrow keys to navigate frame-by-frame and shift and arrow keys to move in 1-second increments.

Press Home or End to go to the beginning or end of the file.

Navigating by timecode

The current timecode position of the file will be shown at the bottom of the player. Click this text to enter a timecode position to skip to.

Hovering over the timeline bar will popup a preview of the movie along with a timecode display. Clicking at that point in the timeline will jump to that position.

You can also navigate to a specific timecode position by clicking on a comment in the comment list on the right.