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Syncing with Cut Notes
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Syncing with Cut Notes

Cut Notes can sync with the Kollaborate web player to add comments and remotely control playback.

  1. Click the Sync icon at the bottom right of the player. If the icon does not appear, that means your web browser doesn't support the sync feature.
  2. In Cut Notes, tap the Settings button to login to Kollaborate if you haven't already done so.
  3. Your cloud projects will appear in the Projects pane within Cut Notes. Navigate to the project and file you are currently viewing in the web player.
  4. Tap the Sync icon next to the timecode display in Cut Notes and choose Kollaborate.
  5. After a moment you should see the timecode of your Kollaborate video appear in Cut Notes and you should be able to remotely control playback in the browser with the buttons in Cut Notes.
  6. Comments appear automatically in the web browser as you create them and will also appear for anyone else viewing the file at the same time. Comments created in the browser will also instantly appear in the Notes view of Cut Notes.