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File Workflows

File Workflows are a list of actions that will be applied to a file when it is assigned that workflow. These range from color coding the file to moving it to a specific folder.

You can assign a workflow to a file by selecting it under the Workflow column of the Files page (in detail view), selecting it from the Edit Metadata page or assigning it from the Actions > Workflows menu of the player.

As soon as you assign a workflow to a file it will automatically have the actions of the workflow applied to it. So for example, assigning a file the Approved workflow will turn it green and put an "Approved" label underneath the file because that's what the workflow tells it to do by default.

This is completely customizable and you can add an unlimited number of workflows.


File Workflows can optionally be set to require approval from team members and then automatically run different workflows depending on whether it was approved or rejected. The default workflows just color code files green or red depending on whether or not they were rejected but you could choose to move approved files to a specific folder to help with organization.

Or you could fire off another approval workflow instead. This is really powerful because you can chain multiple approval workflows together to, for example, allow department heads to approve a file and then pass it on to the producer to sign off on it.

Example workflows

  • Add workflows for specific milestones such as Assembly, Rough Cut, Fine Cut, Locked Cut. Each workflow could assign a label to the file or color code it. As you move past each milestone, change to the next workflow. When everything's complete, you'll be able to go back and easily see which files correspond to which stage of the process.
  • Add workflows for specific jobs or departments, such as Sound Mixing and Color. Once the file has finished with one department, it could be assigned a workflow that automatically moves it to the next department that needs it.
  • Create an approval workflow that launches a different approval workflow when you approve it, to allow a person to have final sign-off rights
  • Create an approval workflow that launches a workflow that moves the file to the Client department upon approval. This would automatically make the video available for the client to watch without any user intervention required.
  • Automatically sending out a link to a client once the file has been approved.