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Importing Workflows

To save time, Workflows can be imported from existing projects. To do this, go to Actions > Import Workflows. You can choose which types of workflows to import but you must select at least one type.


  1. Kollaborate replaces workflows with identical names so that there are no duplicates. This means that you do not need to delete existing workflows before importing from another project.
  2. Any existing files with File Workflows attached will revert back to no workflow and have to have the new workflow reassigned.
  3. Upload Workflows may not import in their entirety if the workflows depend on items that exist in the other project. For instance, if the scope of the imported workflow is set to a department that does not exist in the new project, it will revert back to Everywhere. Additionally, the Add Watermark and Apply LUT actions will be switched off after importing because they depend on image and .cube files in the previous project. You should therefore double-check all imported Upload Workflows to make sure they are correct.