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Upload Workflows

Upload Workflows allow you to setup a list of actions to perform on a file when it is uploaded to the site. These actions include converting the file so it can be viewed in a web browser and embedding LUTs or watermarks in the file.

By default there are three Upload Workflows - for video files, audio files and image files. The default workflows for video and audio files just tell Kollaborate to convert the files so they can be viewed in a web browser. The workflow for image files also does this, but limits it to specific image formats.

Important: If you remove or edit the default workflows, files you upload may no longer be converted for playback (Kollaborate will warn you if this is about to occur). Therefore we recommend leaving the existing workflows as-is and creating new ones to supersede them.

Restoring defaults

If you make a mistake, you can restore the default workflows by going to Actions > Restore Default Upload Workflows.


  1. Upload Workflows are only applied to files uploaded directly through a web browser, not through apps such as Kollaborate Transfer.