• Upload files and folders to the cloud
  • Upload any type of file, not just video
  • Store files in folders
  • Create departments, which each have their own storage area
  • Non-admin users can only access files in departments they have been invited to
  • Subscribers have an additional private storage area that only they can access
  • Upload via the web or with various helper apps
  • Keep track of files you haven't viewed and be alerted to new uploads
  • Tag files with searchable metadata tags
  • Color code files
  • Star files to easily find them again
  • Download the original file
  • Download transcoded proxies
  • Batch download multiple files at once
  • Hoverscrub thumbnails show a quick preview of a video when hovering over its thumbnail
  • Press Space on the Files page to preview a file or look inside a folder
  • Filter files by type, whether they have comments, if you have viewed them, etc
  • Create aliases to separate comments between different departments
  • Custom permissions allow you to selectively approve or deny access to users or departments
  • Establish relationships between files to connect different quality versions of the same file, alternate language versions, etc
  • Digital Rebellion products can store files and sync settings to the cloud
  • Replace files
  • Move files between projects
  • Download the contents of a folder, department or project as a zip file
  • Change the thumbnail of a video file
  • Edit the timecode start point of a video after upload
  • See a file's entire history directly in the player
  • Restore deleted files for up to 30 days
  • Files can be set to expire after a certain date

Media Playback

  • Play back video and audio files in the browser
  • Kollaborate references the file's actual timecode, not elapsed time
  • Edit the timecode start point of a video after upload
  • Sync timecode to Cut Notes and remotely control playback
  • Play back videos on an iOS device with CinePlay for iOS
  • Play back videos on your Mac with CinePlay for Mac
  • Keyboard shortcuts for playback control (JKL) and note entry
  • Automatically play the next or previous file when the current video finishes
  • Loop playback
  • Synced Sessions - Take part in shared viewing sessions with colleagues, with their playheads synced remotely to yours
  • Heatmaps - See sections of a video people skipped or watched multiple times


  • Make comments on any type of file, not just video
  • Annotate comments by drawing over the video
  • Comments appear as markers underneath the video
  • Comments by other users will appear live in your player as they are made
  • Clicking a comment takes you to that position in the video
  • Color code comments
  • Reply to existing comments
  • View comments from another version of a file to check that previous notes were addressed
  • Filter comments by author, type, color or matching text
  • Be notified when others comment on a file
  • Star comments to easily find them again
  • Search for a specific comment across the entire project
  • Automatically pause playback upon entering a comment
  • Create to-do lists from comments and check them off when complete
  • Create tasks from comments
  • Export comments to Adobe Premiere, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 via the Marker Import tool
  • Export comments to Adobe Premiere via the Adobe Panel plugin
  • Optionally export only comments of a certain color or by a certain author
  • Combine comments from all versions of a file inside a single marker list
  • Import comments from Avid, Adobe Premiere (via FCP XML), Davinci Resolve (via marker EDLs), FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 into Kollaborate
  • Comment Streams can be used to take collaborative notes without needing to upload a file. This is especially useful for group note-taking sessions with Cut Notes synced to a common timecode source such as Pro Tools
  • View comments in a printable view, complete with thumbnails, for sharing with clients


  • Invite team members by email address
  • Only admins can invite people to a project
  • Choose a Role to assign them permissions
  • Permissions can be overridden on a per-user basis
  • Choose to manually send new users an activation link instead of having our system email them automatically
  • Create departments to limit access to content - non-admin users can only access files in departments they belong to
  • Add users to multiple departments
  • Departments can be empty, in which case only admins can see inside
  • Control project privacy so that non-admins can't see others' contact information
  • Control project privacy so that non-admins can't see who else is on the team
  • Link your team members' accounts to your subscription so they can create projects on your behalf
  • Import team members from vCards or another project
  • Export your team to CSV or vCard formats
  • See who has viewed and/or downloaded specific files


  • Versions allow you to track revisions between files
  • Files uploaded with identical filenames are automatically interpreted as new versions
  • Files can be manually collapsed into version stacks or manually reverted back to independent files
  • Easily switch between versions when viewing a file
  • View comments from a different version to the file you are currently viewing so you can check that the previous version's notes were fixed


  • Set who can approve files from the Team page
  • Require more than one person to approve a file before it will be marked as approved
  • Set custom workflow actions that will occur when a file is approved or rejected, such as color coding or moving it to a specific folder (see Workflows below)
  • Setup approval chains - so that for example each department head signs off on a file first before it goes to the director for final approval
  • Set custom labels for Approve/Reject buttons


  • Trigger automatic actions upon events like uploading a file, completing a task or reviewing a video
  • Automatically color code files
  • Automatically move files to a different folder
  • Automatically email out a review link
  • Automatically add a status label below the file's name (e.g. "Approved")
  • Automatically adjust file metadata like preventing additional comments once the file has been approved
  • Set rules for how to process uploaded files on a per-folder basis via Upload Workflows
  • Automatically assign a File Workflow to an uploaded file (such as color coding it, moving it or requiring approval from others)
  • Automatically embed watermark images in video and image proxies on a per-folder basis
  • Automatically embed LUTs in video and image proxies on a per-folder basis
  • Automatically burn in metadata (e.g. timecode, project name) in video and image proxies on a per-folder basis
  • Automatically set a file to expire either immediately or after a certain amount of time
  • Automatically ensure an uploaded file is independent and not considered a version of an existing file, even if the filename matches
  • Automatically delete the original file after it has been converted to a proxy to save disk space
  • Workflows can be imported from other projects
  • The default workflows can be restored if needed

Captions / Transcription

  • Automatic transcription (beta) in English, French, German, Russian and Chinese
  • Manually create captions in any language
  • Export to text, CSV, SRT, VTT or TTML
  • Import captions from SRT or VTT


  • Send out password-protected access links to people who are not part of the project
  • Send out password-protected upload links to request files from others without them needing to be part of the project
  • An unlimited number of shared links can be sent out to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Links can be set to expire after a certain amount of time
  • Control additional options such as whether or not the recipient can make comments on the file
  • View statistics such as how many times a person clicked a link
  • Allow link recipients to access all versions of a file
  • Replace a file that the link points to without changing the link URL
  • Set the maximum number of times a link can be accessed
  • Optionally force files to download rather than playing in the browser, to encourage the client to download final deliverables
  • Choose to send the password and link in separate emails


  • By default, users in a Team receive a digest email showing recent changes to a project grouped together to limit the emails they receive
  • Subscribe to a project or a specific file to get instant email updates instead
  • Choose which email notifications to receive or switch them off completely
  • Recent changes to a project can also be viewed on the Dashboard or by clicking the bell icon at the top right of the screen
  • Recent changes can be viewed in the Today view of the macOS Notification Center with Kollaborate Plugin Pack
  • Receipts allow you to sign up for alerts whenever a particular user views a file for the first time
  • See who has not viewed a file and nudge them
  • Use Incognito Mode to turn alerts off temporarily when you want to do something silently without notifying the rest of your team

NLE Integration

  • Upload directly to the cloud from FCPX and Adobe Premiere for Mac with the Kollaborate Plugin Pack
  • Export comments to Adobe Premiere, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 via the Marker Import tool
  • Export comments to Adobe Premiere via the Adobe Panel plugin
  • Import media files directly into Adobe Premiere via the Adobe Panel plugin
  • Mark off to-do lists directly in the Adobe Panel plugin
  • Import comments from Avid, Adobe Premiere (via FCP XML), DaVinci Resolve (as a marker EDL), FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 into Kollaborate
  • Use Comment Streams to make cloud notes via Cut Notes on media that doesn't exist in the cloud, such as your NLE's timeline


  • Delegate tasks to others or leave tasks unassigned and let colleagues assign themselves
  • Task owners can upload related files (e.g. mockups) to help the user complete the task
  • Assignees can upload deliverables which the task owner can accept or reject
  • View task history
  • Comment on tasks
  • Be alerted to changes in the task (e.g. a new deliverable available or a status change) with email alerts
  • Export tasks to calendar files
  • Batch task management
  • Color-coding for overdue, due soon or high priority tasks
  • Automatically trigger workflow actions (such as sending out a review link) when a task is completed

Uploading Options

  • Drag files onto the Files page to directly upload them to the site
  • Kollaborate Transfer - Desktop batch uploader with watermarking support
  • Kollaborate Folder Watcher - Copy files into a specific folder on your computer to automatically upload them to the cloud
  • Upload directly from FCPX and Adobe Premiere for Mac with the Kollaborate Plugin Pack

Customization / Integration

  • Change the logo of the site to your company logo
  • Change the URL of the logo to point to your company website
  • WebHooks can trigger a script on your server when events like new uploads or comments occur, which you could use to integrate with an in-house work scheduling system for example


  • All projects are private by default - users must be specifically granted permission to access the project
  • All connections are encrypted
  • Your files are encrypted on our servers
  • Departments can be used to limit team members' access to files
  • Set custom permissions on a file to prevent access by specific users or entire departments
  • Project privacy options can prevent non-admins seeing who else is on the team on a department- or project-wide basis
  • Multi-factor authentication available (also known as two-factor authentication)
  • Use Upload Workflows to automatically add visual watermarks to video and image files
  • Set sensitive files to expire after a certain amount of time
  • Set links to expire after a certain time or a certain number of views
  • Disable thumbnails for specific files


  • Run Kollaborate in-house with Kollaborate Server
  • Entirely independent - no data touches our servers
  • No storage limitations
  • No user limitations with the Unlimited package
  • Customize the logo and color scheme
  • Customize departments
  • Provide cloud-based encoding via the optional Kollaborate Encoder add-on
  • Works with all of our helper apps - just change the URL in each apps' preferences to point to your local server
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