• Upload files to the cloud
  • Each department has its own private storage area
  • Subscribers have an additional private storage area that only they can access
  • Batch upload files with metadata via the Kollaborate Transfer utility
  • Keep track of files you haven't viewed and be alerted to new uploads
  • Tag files with metadata
  • Admins can approve and reject files
  • Custom permissions allow you to selectively approve or deny access to users or departments
  • Send out password-protected access links to other users
  • Links can be set to expire after a certain amount of time
  • Create aliases to separate comments between different departments
  • Establish relationships between files to connect different quality versions of the same file, alternate language versions, etc
  • Digital Rebellion products can store files and sync settings to the cloud
  • Automatic reminders for unviewed links or files that need approval


  • Play back videos in the browser and make comments
  • Kollaborate references the file's actual timecode, not the duration
  • Sync timecode to Cut Notes and remotely control playback
  • Play back videos on an iOS device with CinePlay for iOS
  • Play back videos on your Mac with CinePlay for Mac
  • Automatically pause playback upon entering a note
  • Keyboard shortcuts for playback control (JKL) and note entry
  • Reply to existing comments
  • Export comments to FCP and Avid marker lists, then import into your NLE with the free Marker Import tool
  • Synced Sessions - Take part in shared viewing sessions with colleagues, with their playheads synced remotely to yours
  • Comment Streams can be used to take collaborative notes without needing to upload a file. This is especially useful for group note-taking sessions with Cut Notes synced to a common source such as Pro Tools.
  • Annotate comments by drawing over the video
  • Comments appear as markers underneath the video
  • Filter comments by author, type, color or matching text


  • Delegate tasks to others or leave tasks unassigned and let colleagues assign themselves
  • Task owners can upload related files (e.g. mockups) to help the user complete the task
  • Assignees can upload deliverables which the task owner can accept or reject
  • View task history
  • Be alerted to changes in the task (e.g. a new deliverable available or a status change) with email alerts
  • Export tasks to calendar files
  • Batch task management
  • Color-coding for overdue, due soon or high priority tasks

Team Management

  • Message individuals, entire departments or everyone on the project
  • Group users into departments
  • Separate clients from employees
  • Export user information to a spreadsheet
  • Privacy options can prevent non-admins seeing who else is on the team on a department- or project-wide basis
  • Receipts allow you to sign up for alerts whenever a particular user views a file for the first time
  • See who has not viewed a file and nudge them

Kollaborate Transfer

Kollaborate Transfer is a free uploader for Kollaborate and Kollaborate Server.
  • Batch uploading
  • Automatic encoding and metadata gathering
  • Emails a link when the upload is complete
  • Optionally add pre- and post-roll clips
  • Automatically retries failed uploads
  • Add watermarks

Kollaborate Server

  • Run Kollaborate in-house with Kollaborate Server
  • No storage limitations
  • No user limitations with the Unlimited package
  • Customize the logo and color scheme
  • Customize departments and positions
  • Works with Digital Rebellion products
  • Enforce unique IDs for Post Haste projects
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