Apps & Resources

Kollaborate allows you to use Digital Rebellion products to connect with the cloud and provide useful extra features.

Helper Tools

Kollaborate Transfer for Mac (free)
Fast encoding and uploading to Kollaborate with timecode, metadata and watermarks.
Kollaborate Folder Watcher for Mac (free)
Automatically upload files when copying them to a folder on your computer.
Kollaborate Plugin Pack for Mac (free)
Upload directly to the cloud from Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Kollaborate Plugin Pack also integrates directly into OS X with a Today extension that allows you to see project activity at a glance.

Kollaborate Premiere Panel for Mac / PC (free)
Access your cloud projects in Adobe Premiere CC 2015 - download files into your project, import markers into your sequence and view and check off your to-do list.
Marker Import for Mac (free)
Import Kollaborate marker lists into Final Cut Pro 7, FCPX and Adobe Premiere for Mac.
Marker Import for Windows (free)
Import Kollaborate marker lists into Adobe Premiere for PC.
Project Overview (in Pro Media Tools) for Mac
Import Kollaborate marker lists into Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro with many additional controls and options compared to Marker Import.


CinePlay for Mac (free for Kollaborate usage)
Play cloud videos and make comments. Professional features include masks, safe area indicators and marker management.
CinePlay for iOS
Play cloud videos on the move and make comments. Professional features include masks and safe area indicators.
CinePlay: Kollaborate Edition for iOS (free)
Free cut-down Kollaborate-only mobile video player.
CinePlay for Apple TV (free)
Play cloud videos directly on your TV.
Cut Notes for iPad
Take notes on the fly and sync to a variety of sources including Final Cut Pro 7, FCPX, Avid and Premiere.
Cut Notes: Kollaborate Edition for iPad (free)
Free cut-down Kollaborate-only note-taking app. Take notes in the cloud and sync timecode with your web browser.

Compression Presets

Compressor 3.x and 4
Adobe Media Encoder


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