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Annotations allow you to draw over a video frame. To do this, click the pen button below the comment text box at the right of the player and then draw over the image. Playback will pause as soon as you start drawing.

To change the color of the pen, click the color dropdown next to the pen button. This will affect all lines drawn on the image and also assign the comment itself the same color you selected.

To save your annotation, you must enter a comment. Type the comment into the comment text box and then press Enter or click Submit. Both the comment and the annotation will be saved.

To discard an annotation, either click the pen icon again or click the play button to resume playback. You will be prompted before discarding the annotation.

To view the annotation again, you can click on the comment in the comment list. This will pause playback and show the annotation over the frame. To continue playback, click the play button again.