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Exporting Comments

Comments can be exported to a variety of non-linear editing applications. To export comments, click Actions in the player and then click Export Comments.

Choosing an application

First choose the application you will be exporting to. This will control the type of file that is exported.

The following applications require the free Marker Import app in order to import markers:

  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • Final Cut Pro X (via XML)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (via XML)

Comments can also be imported into Adobe Premiere via the Kollaborate Adobe Panel plugin.

All other applications have the ability to import the notes produced by Kollaborate natively without additional software.


Comments can be filtered by color, author and type. You could choose to color-code comments by department or assignee and then use the filtering options to export separate marker lists for each person.

You may wish to filter out replies to cut down on the number of markers. If you don't filter them out and you choose Combine notes at the same timecode, the text of all replies will appear on one marker.


Click Export and your browser will download a text file. You will either import this into your editing application directly or import it into Marker Import to import it into the applications listed above.


  1. Colors will be respected if the application supports that particular color, otherwise it will revert to the default marker color for that application (often red).
  2. Some applications may not display all markers if "Combine notes at the same timecode" is switched off. For best results leave it switched on.
  3. The timecode of your sequence will need to match the timecode of the file in Kollaborate, otherwise the notes may not import correctly. To change the timecode of the file in Kollaorate, click Actions in the player, click Edit Metadata and then edit the Timecode Start field. The notes you entered will update to use the new timecode and can now be exported correctly.
  4. Annotations are not exported alongside the comments.