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To-Do Comments

Click the icon at the bottom left of the comment to cycle it between the following states:

  • None
  • To-Do
  • Done

By default, comments are assigned a None status. By clicking To-Do you turn it into a to-do comment. When the task is complete, you can cross it off by marking it as Done.

Note: All team members can see the to-do status of a comment, so marking it as to-do will show that icon for everyone on the team.

Filtering to-dos

To make it easier to see your task list, you can choose to only show to-do comments. To do this, click Filter Comments underneath the comment text field and then select To-Do Only. You can choose to hide comments marked Done.

Adobe panel

To-do comments can only be viewed on the player page of the site but the Kollaborate Adobe Panel plugin has a dedicated section for viewing and crossing off to-dos.