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Importing Comments

Comments can be imported directly from markers in your editing timeline.

Supported applications

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (via XML)
  • Final Cut Pro X (via XML)
  • Avid (via a marker list)
  • DaVinci Resolve (via a marker EDL)
  • Final Cut Pro 7 (via a marker list or XML file)

Note: You should export an XML file just for the sequence you want to import markers from, not the entire project.

Importing comments

Export the comments as an XML file, marker list or marker EDL from your editing application as indicated above.

Click the Actions button in the player for the file you wish to import comments into, then click Import Comments.

Choose the type of file you are importing. You can optionally override the colors in the file with a new color.

Then click Import.


  1. All imported comments will be authored under your name.
  2. Users subscribed to a file will not be alerted to imported comments.
  3. Comments will be imported even if they exist beyond the duration of the file, another comment has the same timecode or an identical comment has already been imported. You should therefore try to avoid importing the same comments into a file more than once.