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Comment Streams

Comment Streams are essentially dummy files that contain no data. The purpose of these is to allow you to bring notes into the cloud without needing to upload a file.

Example use case

  1. You have a group screening of a cut where the cut is located directly in an editing application's timeline or a Pro Tools session. No exact copy of the timeline exists on disk and it would be too much time and effort to create an export solely for Kollaborate.
  2. Create a Comment Stream, then have everyone open it in the Cut Notes app.
  3. Sync the iPads to the timecode coming from the editing system.
  4. Take notes on the iPad and your notes will be sent to the cloud, matched to the timecode coming from the editing application.
  5. You have all the advantages of using Kollaborate, such as notifications of others' notes and the ability to share the comments, without needing to upload a file.
  6. After the screening is over, someone can easily collate the notes and bring them back into the editing application.


  1. Currently the only use case for Comment Streams is in conjunction with the Cut Notes app.