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Kollaborate Help

Previewing Files

Kollaborate shows a direct thumbnail representation of video, audio and image files that indicates the contents of the file.

To change the thumbnail of a video, click the video to open it in the player, then go to Actions > Set Thumb to Current Frame. This will take the currently playing frame and assign it as the file's thumbnail.

Note: It may take up to 30 seconds before the new thumbnail appears.

Kollaborate will also generate hoverscrub thumbnails for video files. This allows you to move your mouse from left to right across the thumbnail to preview the contents of the file without having to open it.

Clicking outside a video's title or thumbnail will select the file without opening it. You can then press Space to view a QuickLook-style preview of the file's contents. This works for video, audio and image files. You can also use it on folders to peek at their contents without having to open them. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate between files.