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You can edit metadata for a file by right-clicking it on the Files page and choosing Edit Metadata.

Metadata fields

Some of these fields will only appear for specific file types.

  • Title - The name of the file as shown on the Files page and in the player.
  • Description - A larger field for a longer description of the file's contents that will display in the player.
  • Status Text - A short text field that will display directly underneath the file title on the Files page in Detail view. This field is most commonly used by Workflows.
  • Frame Rate - Select the frame rate of the file. This will have no effect on the playback of the file, only its timecode. Most useful for audio files which have no specific frame rate.
  • Timecode Start - The timecode value of the first frame of the file. Changing this field automatically updates any comments in the file to use the new timecode.
  • Drop-Frame - Allows you to specify drop-frame timecode
  • Duration - The duration of the file in timecode form.
  • File Workflow - Assign a file workflow to the file (see the Workflows help section for more details)
  • Download only - Don't attempt to play the file - just show a button allowing the user to download the file
  • Allow comments - Hide existing comments on the file and prevent new ones being added
  • Custom Permissions - Override permissions to allow/deny specific people (see the Permissions help section for more details)
  • Tags - Add custom metadata fields. These are visible in the player and searchable from the Files page.