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Recovering Deleted Files

Deleted files can be recovered by a project admin for up to 30 days.

Restoring a file

  1. On the Files page, click the "Show" dropdown at the top right and select Deleted Files.

    Note: this option only appears for project admins.

  2. The list of files will change to show all files deleted within the last 30 days. This view shows all files deleted from anywhere in the project, irrespective of the current folder you are in.

  3. Click Restore next to a file to restore it back to its original location.


  1. If you delete an entire version stack containing multiple versions, each version will appear in the Deleted Files view as an individual file and can be restored individually. To recombine them into a version stack after restoring them, change the "Show" dropdown to "All Files", then select them, right-click and choose Combine Versions.