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Kollaborate Help

Managing Encoding

Kollaborate will automatically transcode video and audio files uploaded via the web uploader to playable proxy formats for the web.

The following options for managing this are available from the Actions menu:

  • Create playable versions - Transcodes the original file again. This option will only appear if the file is not currently encoding.
  • Remove original file - Deletes the original file and treats the proxy file as the original. The proxy will now count towards your storage space instead of the original file.
  • Remove all playable copies - Deletes the proxies, leaving the original file. When the file is next viewed, Kollaborate will try to play back the original file. This is one way of overriding our encoding settings with your own.

Note: The above options will only appear for admins or the original file owner. Not all options will appear for all files.

For more control over encoding, see the Upload Workflows section.