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Relationships allow you to indicate that two or more files are connected to each other. In some cases this will produce automatic behavior by Kollaborate while in others it can help your team easily organize and locate related files.

Example use case 1

  1. You are viewing a video in English but you know that another version exists in French.
  2. If someone had linked the two files as alternate language versions, you could easily access one from the other by going to Actions > Related Files.

Example use case 2

  1. You are viewing the video deliverable for a project uploaded by the online editor.
  2. Clicking Actions > Related Files allows you to easily find the audio mixes that the sound mixer uploaded separately.

Relationships causing automatic behavior

Setting the following relationships causes automatic behavior:

  • Color Decision List - Automatically color-corrects the file according to the CDL in CinePlay for iOS (does not affect other apps or web playback)
  • Subtitles - Linking an SRT subtitle file with a parent video automatically shows the subtitles in the web player when viewing that file.

Creating a relationship

  1. First establish which file could be considered the parent file. For example, if you want to set a Subtitle relationship between a video and a subtitle file, the parent would be the video.

    Note: Some relationships such as alternate language versions do not have an intrinsic parent so you can choose either.

  2. Right-click the parent file and choose Relationship Editor.

  3. Click New Relationship.

  4. On the page that appears, choose the file you wish to create the relationship with.

  5. At the bottom of that page, choose the relationship of that file to the parent file. Relationship options include higher/lower quality versions, alternate languages, textless versions, musicless versions, temp/final audio, stereo/surround mixes and project files.

  6. Click Create Relationship.

You can create an unlimited number of relationships for a file.