Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer a trial period?
A. Yes, this is available from the Registration page. The trial period will allow you to use the site free of charge with 5 users and 512 MB of storage for 15 days. No credit card is required for trial registration.

Q. What are your recommended video encoding settings?
A. You can upload videos of any size or bitrate (only H.264 and WebM are playable directly in the browser) but our recommended settings are:

  • H.264 in an MP4 container
  • Up to 960x540 resolution
  • Around 3 Mbps bitrate
  • AAC audio, 44.1 KHz, around 128 kbps bitrate.
  • Fast start switched on if available

Q. What's the best browser to use?
A. We support a wide range of browsers but have had best results with the latest version of Google Chrome.

Q. What if I don't want everybody in the project to see every file?
A. Each department has its own private storage area. The only people who can see files here are people within the department, other department heads and people in the Producing department.

Q. How can I stop clients seeing comments by my team on a file?
A. Create an alias to the file and then move it to the Clients department or share a link.

Q. How do I import markers into Final Cut Pro 7 or FCPX?
A. Use the free Cut Notes Marker Import tool available from the Resources page.

Q. How do I import markers into Adobe Premiere?
A. Use Project Overview in the Pro Media Tools suite.

Q. What's the largest file size I can upload?
A. Kollaborate supports files up to 4 GB. The maximum file size for Kollaborate Server is subject to configuration so is theoretically unlimited.

Q. How long are my files kept on the server if I cancel my subscription?
A. Files from users without an active subscription are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Q. Where can I view your EULA and privacy policy?
A. You can view the EULA here and the privacy policy here.

Q. Can I encode video at a higher bitrate than Kollaborate Transfer allows?
A. Yes, you can encode in a different application and then deselect the Optimize checkbox in Kollaborate Transfer when importing the file. Be aware that the default settings have been chosen as a good mix between quality and performance so any deviation may take longer to buffer.

Q. What are the limitations on free accounts?
A. Users with free accounts can be invited to projects but they cannot create projects or use personal storage. They have no limitations on projects they have been invited to if they have been invited as an admin or department head.

Q. Which browsers support Cut Notes sync?
A. Cut Notes will save notes to Kollaborate regardless of the web browser but live timecode and playback control is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and iOS Mobile Safari in iOS 6 and higher.

Q. Am I able to run Kollaborate on my own private server?
A. Yes, please see Kollaborate Server.

Q. Can I change the logo and color scheme of the site?
A. Yes, this is possible with Kollaborate Server.

Q. Can I customize the departments and user positions?
A. Yes, this is possible with Kollaborate Server.

Q. When will Firefox support H.264?
A. Mozilla supports H.264 on Windows Vista and higher in Firefox 23. Mac and Linux support is being actively developed but with no current ETA.



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